What’s important about January 2015, anyway? If you have a friend who was born this month, show them just how smart you are by telling them what happened on that date! Here are some events that have happened on these days:

January 1, 1788: The Times is first published in England
January 2, 1492: Granada, the last Muslim Stronghold in Europe, Falls to Spain: End of the Reconquista
January 3, 1925: Benito Mussolini announces his intentions of setting up a dictatorship in Italy
January 4, 1847: Samuel Colt sells his first Revolver
January 5, 1919: The future German Nazi Party is Formed; 1949: Harry Truman unveils his Fair Deal; 1957: Eisenhower announces the Eisenhower Doctrine
January 6, 1449: Constantine IX becomes the last Byzantine Emperor; 1947: Pan American Airlines becomes the first airline to make a trip around the world.
January 7, 1782: The First North American Bank is opened
January 8, 1815: American post-War victory at the Battle of Orleans; 1918: Woodrow Wilson presents his fourteen points plan
January 9, 1861: First Shots of the American Civil War
January 10, 1920: The Treaty of Versailles ends World War I; 1946: The U.N. is founded
January 11, 1949: The first Networked Television broadcasts
January 12, 2004: The Queen Mary 2, the world’s largest Ocean liner, makes its maiden voyage
January 13, 1910: The First Public Radio Broadcast
January 14, 1639: The First Constitution to create a government is created in Connecticut
January 15, 1889: The Coca-Cola Company is founded
January 16, 1547: Ivan the Terrible becomes Czar of Russia; 1920: The League of Nations forms
January 17, 395; The Roman Empire splits into East and West for the last Time; 1991: Operation Desert Storm begins in the Persian Gulf War
January 18, 1871: William I of Prussia becomes the First German Emperor
January 19, 1981: Iran releases the 52 American Hostages
January 20, 1265: Under Simon de Montfort, England holds its first Parliament
January 21, 1950: Alger Hiss is Convicted of Being a Soviet Spy
January 22, 1901: Edward VII Succeeds his mother, Queen Victoria, as Monarch of England
January 23, 1570: James Stewart, Regent of Scotland, becomes the first recorded Person assassinated by a firearm
January 24, 1848: John Sutter finds gold in California; 1908: Boy Scouts is formed
January 25, 1881 and 1915: Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone and inaugurates service
January 26, 1885: The Mahdi conquers Sudan from the British
January 27, 1606: Guy Fox is caught and Tried for the Gunpowder Plot; 1944: The Long siege of Leningrad is lifted
January 28, 1547: Henry VIII Dies, and is succeeded by his son Edward VI
January 29, 1850: Henry Clay Introduces the controversial Compromise of 1850
January 30, 1649: Charles I of England is Beheaded, and the Commonwealth Begins; 1959: Yet another Unsinkable ship, the MS Hans Hedtoft, hits an iceberg and becomes the last to have casualties as a result.                                                                                                               January 31, 1865: Congress Passes the Thirteenth Amendment, abolishing Slavery

These are just some of the Important events that happened in the Past, and there will be more as we turn to the Present and the Future. You never know! Keep in mind that I’m not doing this every month, I just decided to make this to show the importance of the New Year!