Dates give context to events. If I said someone sailed to America in 2015, you would hardly even care. However, if I said that Columbus sailed to America in 1492, you would be very excited! But why? You wouldn’t care if he sailed in 2015 because we have planes and already have discovered and founded America. It would seem so insignificant. However, when he sailed in 1492, he discovered a previously unknown continent and had braved the dangers of the sea. At that time, it was VERY significant! Dates are  very special. History always refers to dates! Dates show us when stuff happened and what was happening at that time.

If we said World War II had started in 1734, how would it be different from the real date? It would have been boring. The World did not have the technology that it had in 1939! And if we said that the Thirty Year’s War started in 1987, the World would’ve had MORE technology than in 1618, and it would’ve been astounding!

Dates are an important part of History because they give context to the events that happened! It shows how history is different in different eras. Imagine a world without time!