You might be wondering what my favorite history books are- where I get this information. Here are some favorites:

The Timetables of History by Bernard Grun is an exciting book containing 6,000 years of world history in a long timeline format. Each time period is divided into different areas of interest. It is my personal favorite and a “must have” for any history library!

100 Battles: Decisive Conflicts That Have Shaped The World by Parragon Books is also a great book about the world’s most famous battles.

The Complete Book of U.S. Presidents by William A. DeGregorio is my favorite  Presidents book because it holds so much information about them and their families- more than I have ever read before! I even had to get a new copy because the old one was too overused to read and was falling apart!

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Warfare by DK gives every famous battle and conflict in history and mixes it together. Also overused.

And finally….

Presidents: Every Question Answered by Carter Smith provides every notable achievement of every U.S. President while in office, and gives a background history of them. If you are wondering how many times I have read this book, it will help if you know that I had to duct tape it together to prevent it from collapsing!


My Bookcase full of History books (and some fiction)

I have a whole library of books, and these are just SOME of my favorites! I hope that these will help you learn more about history. I have a some advice, though: Take good care of them, and don’t believe everything you read unless you can prove it! Also, I  prefer using real books instead of the Kindle, but Kindle is still a convenient way of reading books everywhere on your phone. Just click the picture to look closely at some of my books. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something you like!