One accomplishment that I am most proud of is making it to the National History Bee in 2014. Here is how I got into it:

First, I had to complete a test online to qualify for the regionals. This test asked me all sorts of questions regarding different subjects in history. I completed the test with 100% accuracy and then waited, receiving word at the end of January that I had qualified.

Then, I went to the regionals two months later. The regionals is held in whatever county you’re in, and there are many people who qualify for the test, and there’s a lot of competition! However, the questions were easy and I made it to the final round, getting 3rd place and winning a medal.

Finally, I received an invitation to go to the National History Bee, held in Atlanta, Georgia. I went by plane there and checked out Georgia for a week until the Bee was held. There were a LOT of people there! The Bee was very busy! I received papers showing the numbers of rooms in the building I had to go into. The moderator then read the questions, harder now, to me and other people in the room. Once, the moderator came in an hour late to one of the rooms, and we had to wait for him! A perfect score would be 15 out of 30, and once I managed to reach that number! I did not win the National History Bee, but I had a lot of fun and made new friends there.

Later, there was a history scavenger hunt, which I was barely young enough to compete in, and everyone tried to find people born in different presidencies, and to find names that matched with famous people!

This year, I qualified again for the regional History Bee after completing the test, and I hope that this time it will be just as fun as last year! It is a very fun way to let everyone know how smart you are at history, and I hope that you will compete in it with me!