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This month is President’s month, so I will devote my blog to the study of the 44 Presidents and my opinion of them this and possibly the next month. Take note that I am a Republican, so my views will be partially leaning to that side.

There are currently two main political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, each party having different views. The Republican party was formed in 1856 by anti-slavery abolitionists, and supports limited and restrained government for more freedom for the people. The Democratic party was founded in 1828, and supports a  powerful government influencing the lives of the people in America. Please note that each party’s views are contested by the other party.

I will give you my personal opinion on each president, grouping them and exploring both Republican and Democratic views on them. I will attempt to make a fair explanation of both our greatest and our worst presidents. I will also give fast facts about them, their families, and their political and military experience. I will categorize them and, Lastly, I will apply a grade to each one and give the reasons for the grading.

My grades will be A+ for Amazing, A for Great, B for Near-Great, C for Average, D for Below Average, F for Failure, and I for Incomplete, as some presidents didn’t lead this country long enough to be graded. I will, however, express my thoughts on how their presidency probably would have been based on their own views. I hope you will find this month’s blogging about the presidents interesting and that you will learn something from it!