2 points Wyatt at beeYou may have been thinking that I would continue with my study of the Presidents, but it’s so hard to rate recent ones, (and I was sick for a week and didn’t feel much like doing anything), so I’m going to talk about what happened yesterday on March 9th, at the Southern California National History Bee Regional finals in L.A.

I arrived with my family early, so we ate at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner!

I was there with my Grandmother, my Mom, my Dad, and my little brother, and the host explained the rules. The rules are:

  • There are three preliminary rounds with different moderators to read the questions
  • There is also an optional Geography quiz at the end
  • Each moderator will read the questions to you and you have to buzz in to answer
  • There are 30 questions each round
  • You can interrupt the moderator while he/she is reading the question
  • A correct answer gives you a point, and if you give 4 incorrect answers within those 30 questions, you are out during that round
  • Once you answer 8 questions correctly, you can get bonus points and sit out the rest of the round with the audience
  • The top 10 highest scorers get to go the final round

I gave 8 correct answers during all three rounds, but with bonus points I got a total of 13 points during the first round, 12 points during the second round, and 10 points during the third round, though I’m not sure how well I did in the Geography quiz!

Like last year, I made it to the final round! There were 9 other middle school kids there, and there were a few new rules:

  • You can still get 1 point for a correct answer, but now you can get into the negatives if you answer incorrectly
  • You now need 3 points to advance to the final finals

I was the second kid to get 3 points, so I continued with 3 other finalists, Sara, Crystal, and Michael. Now you needed 4 points to win the Regional National History Bee Finals Championship Round and you also need to have 2 more points then your opponents. I was in the lead briefly, but eventually Sara won with 4 points, Michael got 2nd, I got 3rd (just like last year) and Crystal placed 4th.

I got another medal for making it to the last round, and my family celebrated at Baskin Robins! I hope to go again to the National History Bee in Louisville, Kentucky this year on Memorial Day weekend!