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20150128_112928It is almost Easter, so for my blog post today I will focus on the Meaning of Easter. The point of Easter is not the Easter Bunny, but about how Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, even when we beat and humiliated him, and how he rose from the dead.

Jesus’ last week started off with him being Israel’s hero on Palm Sunday. The Israelites believed that he had come to free them of Roman Domination. However, Jesus spoke of a new freedom inside of our hearts. To many, he was a prophet, sent from God to preach about love and friendship. To some, he was a traitor who preached empty words. But to me, Jesus was and is God. He’s the second person of the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The Trinity is doubted by many who believe that there is only one God. They are right. The Trinity is three persons, one God. How can I explain this? Think of Water. It also comes in three forms: Water, Ice, and Steam. Three forms of one liquid.

But Jesus was not who the Israelites were hoping for. He preached of peace and love, and a new kingdom beyond Earth, but the Jews, specifically the Jewish Rabbis, hoped only for freedom from the Romans. Jesus, who had once been a hero, was now a traitor in the eyes of the people. He was put on trial, and though there was no fault seen in him, he was convicted to be crucified in the most painful death in the History of Earth. He was spat on, whipped, tortured, and jeered. This fulfilled many prophesies about his coming. He was even forced to wear a crown of thorns in mockery of him. He was finally nailed to the cross, and died forgiving the people who had killed him. When he died, the Moon turned Red, the sky turned dark, and the curtain surrounding the Ark of the Covenant was ripped in half. Jesus was then laid in a tomb.

Most scholars believe that Jesus had existed, but some doubt his Divinity. Jesus said that the only way to be saved was through him dying and rising from the grave on Easter, and I believe him. Do you?