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Today I decided to talk about a 1976 Ford. No, it’s not the vehicle, but a Presidential button! This Button was made for the 1976 U.S. Presidential Election between Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford, and even though Carter won, this button is just as important in history. This Button was made for the purpose of advertising Gerald Ford as the better candidate for President. Jimmy Carter had some advertising buttons, too. Political Buttons advertised many different people running for Political offices, but there were many types of buttons, advertising many different things, from cars to numerous companies and clubs. 1976 Ford Campaign Button

Presidential Buttons were introduced in 1792, the second U.S. Presidential Election in history, and are still used today, even though it was more popular in the early 1900’s than the present. Now mugs, T-shirts, and other accessories advertise Presidential Candidates, too.

Presidential Buttons are also collectables! Some people (like me) collect them in remembrance of those important Presidential Elections and many other things, and also to have the fun of learning new things about Buttons and what they advertise! I even have a collection, inherited from my Grandfather (Yes, the one who wore Orange instead of Green on St. Patrick’s Day), that I admire and expand on. Thus, Buttons will always be a part of history.

I found some useful information with the

Price Guide to Collectable Pin-Back Buttons 1896-1986 by Ted Hawks and Russ KingCollectable Pin Back Buttons

I hope you learned much more about Political Buttons, and maybe even collect some!