One of My Chess SetsChess is a very popular game. I personally love chess! Chess challenges your mind: figuring out your opponent’s next move and how to counter it may well improve your mental skills later on. It’s also fun, but hey, if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be that popular, now would it?

No one knows who invented chess or even when it was invented, but we do know that it was invented in ancient times. A game similar to chess was even discovered in the tombs of Queen Nefertiti and Ramses III of Egypt! It is a truly ancient game. Over the years, the game became very popular: It was used extensively by 1000 A.D.

Chess wasn’t just pieces on a board. Kings in Medieval times sometimes even used living people as chess pieces, sometimes for sport, and sometimes to settle disputes.

There are two sides to choose from: white and black. White moves first in chess, usually taking the offensive, while black remains on the defensive. Nowadays, there are 6 types of chess pieces with very different strategic functions: The pawn, knight, bishop, rook, queen, and king. The pawn is the most plentiful piece, and is used like a wall to defend the other pieces and keep the opposing player out. The knight is unlike any other piece: it can leap over your own pieces, and your opponents, making it able to trap your opponent in a way that no other piece can. The Bishop moves diagonally, and both of the bishops on each side are on different colored spaces. The rook moves strait, and is a piece useful near the end of the game. The Queen is the best piece. It moves both diagonally and straightly, and its loss effects the game greatly. The King is the most useless, yet valuable piece, and is usually kept hidden until the end of the game. If your king is checkmated, then you lose the game.

Chess is still being played today, after over 2,000 years of history! It’s an amazing game, and I hope it will last much longer.