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Two days ago, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom became the longest reigning British monarch in history, surpassing her great-grandmother Queen Victoria by a day. Queen Elizabeth II has now reigned for 63 years and 7 months! The only living monarch who has reigned longer is King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, who has reigned since 1946, and the longest-ever reigning monarch was King Louis XIV of France, who reigned for 72 years in the 1600’s and 1700’s.

Elizabeth Alexandria Mary of the United Kingdom was born on April 21, 1926 in London. Her grandfather, King George V was king at the time. In 1936, George V died, and Elizabeth’s uncle King Edward VIII ascended the throne. However, Edward VIII abdicated due to his love for Wallis Warfield, a two-time American divorcee, thrusting the responsibilities of ruling a kingdom onto his brother and Elizabeth’s father, George VI.

Princess Elizabeth of England Published 1939 Library of Congress

Princess Elizabeth of England Published 1939 Library of Congress

During World War II, George VI led the nation bravely, but the strain of being King resulted in him having a lung removed and he soon died, making Elizabeth Alexandria Mary Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom on February 6, 1952. On June 2, 1953, Elizabeth was crowned Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth Realms. Some had drifted away already, like India and Southern Ireland, and some more would gain their independence, but still some remain in the Empire where the sun never sets. I’ve even named my dog after Queen Elizabeth! Her name is Ginger Elizabeth Steele.

The heir to the throne, Charles, the Prince of Wales, was born to Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh in 1948 and was joined by prince Edward and princess Anne later on. There have been some disputes about whether Prince Charles or his son, Prince William, should be king after Elizabeth, but I’m sure that both of them, as well as the little Prince George of Cambridge, will have the chance to lead their country to further Glory.

Earlier this year, the Royal Family got one person bigger with the edition of princess Charlotte of Cambridge the sister of Prince George, daughter of Prince William and princess Kate of Cambridge, Granddaughter of Prince Charles and Princess Diana of Wales, and Great-Granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, and I hope that the family will only grow bigger from this point on.

In 1977, the Queen celebrated her Silver Jubilee, in 2002 her Golden Jubilee, and in 2012 her Diamond Jubilee. Even through the deaths of Lord Mountbatten, Diana, the Princess of Wales, Elizabeth, the Queen’s mother, and Margaret, her sister, Elizabeth has always carried on the duty to her people, and we are all waiting for her Platinum Jubilee.