Being a Monarch would be great, wouldn’t it? But if you could, would you rather be a Monarch in the Ancient Era, Medieval Era, Imperial Era, Revolutionary Era, or in the Modern Era? There are many factors to consider:

In Ancient Times (-500 A.D.), a king was more like a chief, unless you were Roman. And you wouldn’t be a Roman king: you’d be an emperor (I’m sorry, but there were no Roman queens). You could even be a Pharaoh in Egypt! (Ok, there WERE a few female pharaohs). You hold absolute power and many riches, but you would also have to lead your men into battle, and there is little trust. Your right-hand man could kill you  at any time if you give him an opportunity, and you don’t know who’s on your side and who isn’t. Most likely, you wouldn’t reign for very long.

In Medieval Times (500-1500), you would be either a count, a duke, a baron, a king (There are now Queens, too), or a commoner. The latter is a very hard business, but let’s say you’re a king (or queen). You hold absolute power, like in Ancient Times, but your kingdom requires a skilled king to lead them, and unless you’re as good in battle as you are at court, you might be a king without a kingdom! You are expected to be a good fighter, but also to be a politically adept king, marrying your children or relatives to other kingdoms to gain alliances, and to know when to strike and when to lay back. You also have to be very careful in your alliances and negotiations, for an ally could also bring in an enemy. You have to beware of sudden diseases, like the Black Death, too. You can compete in and initiate very prestigious jousting tournaments, as well as knighting helpful soldiers and commoners. Politics is a very important part of running your kingdom, and you also have to prepare your heir to be strong as well, or your kingdom will fall after your death and your legacy with it. Your personal treasury is the entire kingdom’s treasury, and you can do whatever you like with it. There is a little more trust, but trusting the wrong person can still bring you to your doom.

In Imperial Times (1500-1750), you would remain a king (Or queen) or an emperor. If you live in this era, then you would be an Imperialistic Emperor or King, in a time when kingdoms either faltered or shined. This was a period of war-fever, so you’d better be a good fighter! You would be required to lead your nation into war, for trust is no longer a big issue unless you are allied to a king as imperialistic as you are! You would also have heard of this New World that has been discovered, and have to decide whether to explore (and conquer) it or remain on your own continent, which is most likely Europe. Riches and glory await you, as well as possible shame and defeat.

In Revolutionary Times (1750-1830), you have much less power, now that your kingdom’s commoners are more revolutionary themselves, and you most likely have to deal with a parliament, or senate. You’re far-away provinces are also wanting to become independent. If you make one wrong move, then your kingdom may descend into civil war, with you most likely losing. In order to keep your crown and your life, you must please the people, which may result in abdication. The prestigious tournaments and knighthoods, as well as magnificent palaces, are now almost no longer existent around most of the world. Even tougher times are ahead.

In the Modern Era (1830-Present), you are now almost certainty a figurehead king (or queen). You have to look on as other kingdoms around you are demolished and republics arise. Your far-reaching provinces are now becoming independent kingdoms, and what little you hold on to wants the same thing, as the Imperial Age fades away. Your kingdom’s treasury is also no longer yours, for you have to contend with a possibly very greedy parliament, and have to satisfy your people. It will take a very shrewd and wise monarch to satisfy the people, and a courageous one to even fight in battle, for these new things called guns are very devastating. You must ensure trade, and must still make alliances. In this era, one wrong step will surely lead to your doom. On the bright side, living in a palace is hardly required at all, for only the strongest monarchs still hold absolute power, and you no longer have to compete in jousting tournaments, can simply agree to all of parliament’s outrageous acts, can live a luxurious life knowing that the people no longer really need you anyway (depending on how competent you are), and occasionally fight for your life against Parliament or other greedy countries. Or you could just abdicate and rule your country as a president like everybody else (Maybe a dictator…). You also have the fear of being wiped out by an atomic bomb, in which case all of your hard work goes ka-blooey. These truly are desperate times.

I don’t know about you, but I’d personally prefer Medieval or Imperial times…

As your can see, there is a big difference between Ancient Times and The Modern Era! In Ancient Times, you would hold absolute power, but would be in much danger, while in the Modern Era, you would be a figurehead, bowing to parliament and the people, with one wrong step leading you to an even tougher life, but on the bright side, you now have plumbing and other electronic devices. So which era do you think you’d like to rule in the most?