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Dynamite is used for many purposes today, and it would be hard to imagine construction or war without it. Dynamite is very important, so I will talk about why it is so.

Dynamite was invented in 1867 by Alfred Nobel, an inventor and engineer. Nitroglycerin was previously used like dynamite, but it was very unpredictable and unsafe, exploding with only the slightest irritation. Born in Sweden, Nobel found out that when Nitroglycerin is incorporated in an absorbent inert substance, it becomes safer to handle. He then patented it and called it “Dynamite”.

Nobel hoped that Dynamite would be used to build railroads, bridges, and many other constructive buildings. Dynamite was at first used just for that purpose: to explode mountains and dirt to make more room to build things. However, it was soon used for a much more deadly purpose: an advantage in warfare. Soon, dynamite was being used to kill many men in war, a purpose which Nobel did not intend to conceive. Soon, scientists studied it and used dynamite to make much bigger and deadlier weapons like the Atomic and Nuclear Bombs.

Nobel died in 1896 at the age of 63, but his fortune/legacy lives on in the form of the Nobel Prizes. Alfred Nobel saw a way to make something unsafe into something very stable and useful, setting an example for other inventors and engineers, and his invention revolutionized engineering and warfare. Dynamite could also teach us a lesson: all things can be more than they appear to be, and could be used for evil instead of good. Dynamite may have set the stage for Nuclear Warfare, but much good came out of its ability to destroy rock, and Nobel also left us the Nobel Peace Prize.