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Two days ago a very famous person died, and that was David Bowie. But what was he famous for? One of the biggest singing careers ever.

Born in London on January 8, 1947, Bowie formed his first band in 1962, and performed at local events. His first attempts at making music with other bands failed to gain attention, as did his first album, David Bowie. However, he became very famous using his Ziggy Stardust act from 1972-1973. Bowie’s reputation as a superstar was now clearly established, but his sanity was now in question due to his constant overdosing of cocaine.

Bowie tried to join a band instead of keeping his solo career in 1989, but he soon became dissatisfied with the role of being just another member of a band, so he resumed his solo career. Bowie performed on stage for the last time in 2006, but his career in singing was not over yet. Bowie’s album The Next Day was released in 2013, and he released his final album, Blackstar, in 2016.

I myself am not a fan of 80’s music, but my mom sure is!

On January 10, 2016, David Bowie died from liver cancer. His fame and popularity will outlive him by many years for sure.