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Here I am, watching the Debate

On January 14, 2016, a very important event occurred- the Republican 2016 Presidential Debate, hosted by Fox Business Network. I watched it happen. I also noted at the end how I think that the candidates performed. However, I did not watch the undercard debate, so this is simply my opinion on the primetime debate. This is what I thought of all of the candidates’ performances (In order from greatest to least-greatest):

The top three candidates were:

Donald Trump– I consider Trump as the winner of the debate, although some will make a respectable argument for Cruz. Trump held firm in the debate, skillfully deflecting Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush’s attacks on his policies. Trump called Cruz’s attack on New Yorkers an insult, and recounted how well New Yorkers participated in the clean up of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. His simple “no” when asked whether he would change his policy towards Muslim immigration won over the entire Trump-hostile crowd there.

Ted Cruz– I think that Ted Cruz almost won the debate. He was very strong throughout it, and handled the “birther” dispute rather well. But he made two critical mistakes: First, he attacked New York values, which I’m sure will come back to haunt him someday, and second, he engaged Marco Rubio in a long and heated argument over changing policies, thus allowing Trump to win the debate, due to less controversy.

Marco Rubio– Rubio certainly showed that he was a top contender for the nomination in this debate. He made a comment about Hillary Clinton that had a point. He said that Clinton was already under investigation by the FBI, and that if she won, for the first 100 days in office she would be going back and forth from “the White House to the Courthouse”. He also was criticized by Ted Cruz about policy changes, but effectively turned the argument around to discredit Cruz’s own policy changes throughout his career in the Senate.

The second-tier candidates were:

Jeb Bush– Bush’s campaign has been faltering over the past few months, but he was a strong contender in this debate. He was very aggressive, and rebutted Trump’s no-Muslim ban proposal, but he was the only one to do so, limiting his effectiveness during the debate.

John Kasich- Kasich has not seemingly been a serious contender for the nomination so far. However, he was strong in this debate. He agreed with Trump over many of Trump’s proposals, thereby undermining Jeb Bush’s attacks on Trump. He was very vocal during the debate, yet not very notable, and he didn’t distance himself from many of the other candidate’s ideas.

Chris Christie–  In my opinion, Christie did not do well at the debate. He constantly ignored the questions and instead touted his own experience as governor of New Jersey, even saying that he had eliminated Common Core in New Jersey. Common Core is still very much alive in New Jersey!

Ben Carson– I thought he had the worst performance of any candidate at the debate. Carson seemed hardly awake (even making jokes about it), and certainly not into the debate. He spoke very rarely, and when he did the subject seemed to always be about an electromagnetic pulse. This has been a very disappointing performance from him.

I am sure that there are different opinions out there, but this is what I thought of the candidates at the debate. The 2016 Presidential Election is near. Who will you vote for in 2016?