This month is President’s month, so I will write about the Presidents and will grade them. This is in continuation of my February 2015 Blog Posts, in which I covered Presidents Washington through Wilson.

This month I will rate and post about each President from Harding to Ford.

I will give you my personal opinion on each president, grouping them and exploring both Republican and Democratic views on them. I will attempt to make a fair explanation of both our greatest and our worst presidents. I will also give fast facts about them, their families, and their political and military experience. I will categorize them and, Lastly, I will apply a grade to each one and give the reasons for the grading.

My grades will be A+ for Amazing, A for Great, B for Near-Great, C for Average, D for Below AverageF for Failure, and I for Incomplete, as some Presidents were not President long enough. Lastly, take note that I am a Republican, so my views may be a bit biased.