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Yesterday was my 14th birthday. I had a party, ate cake and pizza, went bowling, and played lots of games with friends. My Dad used to get a simple family party and a pancake for his birthdays. Food is very important in life. You can’t survive over 3 weeks without it! Cereal is a very important food, a common Breakfast item.

Ferdinand Schumacher made the first cereal-like product, Oats, in 1854. It became a very successful business. The first cereal boxes were sold around 1879. By 1930, wheat flakes became hugely popular in the United Kingdom, but the leader of the “Cereal Revolution” was by now the hugely popular General Mills, followed by both Kix and Cheerios. Now some cereals are even gluten-free!

Cereal has gone a long way from simple grinded oats to a hugely popular breakfast meal, an amazing food process with a humble beginning.