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Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. That important day was created to celebrate the life of St. Patrick, a very interesting story of having bad things that happened to him turn out to be good!


An Irish Clover/Shamrock


Patrick was born around 561, and was kidnapped by pirates when he was 16 years old. The pirates took him to Ireland, and while in captivity, Patrick converted to Christianity. After 6 years, he returned to his home of Britain, but soon afterwards came back to the Irish, feeling that they needed to hear about God. Legends soon told that he used a shamrock to teach the Irish about the Trinity, and the shamrock has since become an icon of St. Patrick’s Day. It is customary to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, as I did yesterday.

St. Patrick’s Day was established to celebrate Patrick’s life, and it occurs on his presumed death date, March 17. This amazing story will be told to younger generations forever, and this story proves that sometimes hardship can turn into something better, being able to preach about God.