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Yesterday was Easter. My brother, cousin and I participated in a traditional Easter Egg hunt and dinner, but that is not what is most important about this holiday.Cross

Jesus was crucified on Good Friday. When he died, the Earth shook, the Moon turned Blood Red, and the very thick curtain leading to the Ark of the Covenant tore. Jesus was put into a tomb with a stone that blocked the entrance. However, three days later, on Easter Sunday, Jesus’s body was no longer in the tomb, and the stone was rolled away. As my family says, “Jesus is risen!”

Some have tried to take away the joy of Easter, like in the Brussels Bombing, in which terrorists targeted Christians celebrating Easter. We must not let this get in our way of Worshipping Jesus! Jesus died on the cross for our sins, fully God and fully Human. He gave his life so that we can live. Three days later, he rose again! That is a symbol of hope; that we can see Jesus in Heaven someday and be with him forever. The definition of sin is: Separation from God. By dying and rising again, Jesus defeated Death. The meaning of Easter is not Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny; It is Jesus, and his sacrifice!