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Have you ever wondered what would’ve happened if you did just one thing differently in your life? What would be the effect for the future? One very notable one to in history to consider is the wreck of the El Cazador.

In 1784, the Spanish warship El Cazador set sail for Vera Cruz, Mexico with lots of silver coins from Spain. The treasure’s purpose was to help with Spain’s staggering economy. However, the ship sank in the Gulf of Mexico with the coins on board. Spain would soon afterwards sell the Louisiana Territory to France due to it’s financial problems. France would later sell this land to the United States in 1803, doubling the size of the young country.

What would have happened 20160408_091723 (1)if the ship made it to Mexico? Spain’s economy would most likely have been partially restored, but how would that have changed history? That is a question that can never be fully explained, but could be talked about for centuries afterwards. I will speculate that if the United States had not bought the Louisiana territory from France, it’s territory might never have reached the West Coast! It definitely could be the Wreck that Changed the World. How do I know this story? My brother bought a coin from the wreck, due to the ship being found in 1993 and some of its coins being sold, and I learned about the wreck.