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Ft Ross

My Brother and I at Fort Ross

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE learning about military history. Fort Ross was a fort, but it was not used for many military purposes. Still, it has its own chapter in American History.


Fort Ross, California was founded in 1812 by Ivan Kustov, a Russian who was looking for a way to supply Russian Alaska, and used the Fort for that purpose. The area around Fort Ross was abundant in resources, and the Russians traded supplies for their resources. However, by 1841, the Fort hardly had enough resources left to supply itself, much less Alaska, so the Russians sold it to John Sutter of The United States. It then officially was called Fort Ross. Fort Ross was sold to many private hands over 60 years after that.

In 1906, Fort Ross was deemed a State Historic Monument, but the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake damaged the Fort very much. It was partially rebuilt over the years. Now, Fort Ross is a National Historic Landmark, and proves that peaceful means and settlements could accomplish much. I visited Fort Ross myself several years ago, and I will tell you this: It is amazing!