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The U.S. Presidential Election of 2016 is getting heated, though it always was, and a number of events are now occurring.

Just 3 days ago, Donald Trump won the Indiana Primary. Candidate Ted Cruz of Texas had previously stated that this state would decide America’s future, and dropped out of the Republican race that night. John Kasich of Ohio dropped out the next day, leaving Trump as the only candidate left, and he is the presumptive nominee for the Republicans. However, some leaders of the party have concerns for Trump’s leadership, and are discussing the possibility of running a third-party candidate in the upcoming election. For the Democrats, it seems very likely that Hilary Clinton will be the nominee, but some of Bernie Sander’s supporters are unwilling to back her. It seems that party division is everywhere!

In my opinion, running a third-party candidate would be disastrous for the Republicans, and would ensure Clinton’s win in the general election. Trump has his flaws, but he is the party’s only hope against Clinton.