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Mother’s Day was last Sunday. Mother’s Day is a very important holiday celebrating the role of motherhood. Mother’s Day is usually held in the second week in May.

Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis, whose mother had just died. In 1905, she began campaigning for it to be a national holiday. In 1914, it was officially made a U.S. National Holiday. Ironically, Jarvis soon came to hate Mother’s Day, as she disliked its commercialization and the cards associated with it. She thus began a boycott of Mother’s Day, though her efforts to destroy it were unsuccessful.

I enjoyed Mother’s Day and love my Mother very much, but I was in much pain that day. I had an abscess on my leg, and went to urgent care to get it treated. Numbing shots are not fittingly named! I am recovering right now. My mother drove me there and spent her time with me, even though there were other things she could have been doing on Mother’s Day. I am thankful to have such a caring mother!

Mother’s Day is a very important holiday, for we can never forget the devotion and love that our mothers have for us.