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I covered the Secret Service’s history last post, but there is also another secret Service Topic: Codenames.

The Secret Service has codenames for all of the important people they are protecting. At first, it was just the Presidents. Then, the President’s family had codenames beginning with the same letter as the President. Around 1968, even presidential candidates were given codenames.

Here are some codenames that were or still are used: Ronald Reagan’s codename was Rawhide, and Nancy Reagan’s was Rainbow. George H.W. Bush is Timber wolf, Bill Clinton is Eagle, George W. Bush is Trailblazer, and Barrack Obama’s is Renegade. Also, the two probable nominees for the 2016 election have codenames, too! Hilary Clinton is Evergreen, and Donald Trump is Mogul (I say his codename should have been Tycoon).

The Secret Service has a lot of history and also a lot of codenames! What would be your codename?