Daylight Saving Time includes the process of advancing clock one hour forwards during Summer, and turning the clock back to standard time in Autumn.

Daylight Saving Time was first proposed in 1895 by New Zealander George Hudson, and German Empire and Austria-Hungary were the first nations to implement it, in 1916. The majority of countries do not use Daylight Saving Time, but Europe and North America currently do.

Daylight Saving Time is also very controversial. It has been criticized for complicating timekeeping and confusing plans and even sleep patterns. It is also criticized for favoring certain activities over others, especially evening vs. morning activities, due to evening daylight being increased while normal sunrise times are disrupted. Daylight Saving Time was originally proposed to favor economic growth, or numerous other things, as George Hudson liked to collect insects, so  he valued after-hours daylight. This led to Daylight Saving Time being criticized for favoring one part of the day over the other.

It is definitely a very interesting topic! What is your opinion on Daylight Saving Time?