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One of the most tragic events in history occurred on April 9, 1942.

Bataan Death March

The deadly Bataan Death March


The Battle of Bataan was the most intense phase of the Japanese invasion of the Philippines during World War II. The Philippines was back then a U.S. dependency, and General Douglas MacArthur opposed the invasion. However, the Japanese won the Battle of Bataan, and MacArthur was forced to leave the Philippines, however uttering his famous words, “I shall return!”. MacArthur did return in 1944 to liberate the Philippines.

However, there were many prisoners that the Japanese had captured, so they marched the prisoners to Bataan. After surrendering, around 300 Philippine officers were executed. The POWs had very little food and water, and disease spread. Many POWs died on the march.

Apologies have since been made, and even a war trial held, but we should never forget the 21,000+ who marched to their death in the Bataan Death March.