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San Gorgonio Mountain

Last Saturday and Sunday I climbed Mount San Jacinto, one of the famous Four Peaks, with my scout troop.


The Four Peaks are among the tallest mountain peaks in the United States. San Jacinto’s peak, which is in Idyllwild, California, is 10,834 feet high! With my troop, I climbed the peak in one day, and climbed down San Jacinto the next day. Overall, I hiked about 20 miles with a pack up that mountain this last weekend! San Bernardino, another Four Peaks mountain, is 10,689 feet high, while San Antonio is 10,064 feet high. The last of the four peaks is San Gorgonio, is the hardest to climb of those mountains. It is 11,503 feet high!

The fifth peak I would consider may be Mount Baden-Powell, which is over 9,300 feet high, and which I also climbed with my troop, in 2015.

I plan on climbing the other three peaks soon. In Boy Scouts, there is a patch for every mountain and a medal if all four peaks are climbed! The view from the Four Peaks is awesome, and San Gregonio is clearly visible from Mount Whitney.