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TobyMac photographed by Jonathan Powell

Toby McKeehan, or TobyMac, is one of the most prominent Christian Music singers. He is one of my personal favorites!


TobyMac (born 1964) started his successful musical career in 1987, when he created the band Dc Talk with Michael Tait and Kevin Max Smith. Dc Talk notably released the album Jesus Freak, which reached number 16 on the Billboard 200. However, Dc Talk went on hiatus in 2000, with its members focusing on solo careers: Kevin Max Smith would later temporarily be the lead singer of Audio Adrenaline, while Michael Tait became the lead singer of the popular Christian band The Newsboys.

TobyMac began his solo career by releasing the album Momentum. He later released the album Welcome to Diverse City in 2004, which became number 54 on Billboard’s top 200. In 2007, he released Portable Sounds, which took number 10 on Billboard’s top 200. Other successful albums that he released are: Tonight, 2010 (number 6 on Billboard), Eye on It, 2012 (number 1 on the Billboard when it debuted), and This is Not a Test, 2015 (number 4 on the Billboard).

I myself attended a TobyMac concert on February 28th of this year! TobyMac is an amazing singer, and I hope he comes out with albums as great as these ones!