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The Newsboys is a band of four musicians that has become one of the most famous in the world.


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The Newsboys was formed in 1985 with lead vocalists Peter Furler and John James. James left the band in 1997, but the Newsboys were already a popular Christian band by then, having released their successful album Not Ashamed in 1992. Going Public was released in 1994, and was another success. James left after the band’s album Take Me to Your Leader, and Furler became the only vocalist. In 2003, Bryan Olesen joined the band as the guitarist, but left in 2006 to front his own band, VOTA. Peter Furler announced that he was retiring in 2009, and released his final album, In the Hands of God.

Michael Tait, known for his work with DC Talk, was announced to be Furler’s replacement as the lead vocalist. In 2010, he released his first album, Born Again (number 4 on the Billboard 200). In 2011, the Newsboys released God’s Not Dead, and in 2013 released the successful album Restart (number 38 on the Billboard 200). In 2014 they released Hallelujah for the Cross (Number 79 0n the Billboard). In 2016, they released their most recent album Love Riot (number 14 on the Billboard).

I attended a concert of theirs four days ago, and it was spectacular! Michael Tait, Jody Davis, Duncan Philips, and Jeff Frankenstein are doing a great job.