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Guess what my favorite thing to eat is? Doritos!

Believe it or not, Doritos were first created in Disneyland at the Casa de Fritos in the early 1960’s! In 1964 Doritos became available regionally, and in 1966 nationally.


Doritos, Nacho Cheese style


Doritos soon became its own company, and earned billions of dollars in sales. In 1994, the chips were made larger but thinner to round the edges of the chip. The redesign cost about $50 million. Doritos have since had many different flavors than the popular Nacho Cheese variety. In 2013, Doritos underwent a logo change. Doritos have also been heavily advertised during the Super Bowl. I like Doritos because it’s taste is awesome. I am a picky eater, but I love Doritos!  My favorite type is Nacho Cheese, but I also like Co0l Ranch and a few other types.

I admit I was shocked to learn that Doritos were first made in Disneyland, which I visited this year. My favorite thing to eat was made in my favorite place to go!