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“Make America Safe Again” was the motto of the first day of the 2016 Republican National Convention held in Cleveland, Ohio.

The 2016 Republican Primaries were very heated, as Donald Trump won a majority of the delegates amid rumors of another campaign forming to derail Trump’s nomination. There were also protests planned, and John Kasich, the governor of Ohio and one of the primary candidates, declined to attend the convention, along with all of the living former Republican nominees for president, excluding Bob Dole.

However, the possibility of an anti-Trump campaign effectively died that night at the convention after a roll-call vote introduced by anti-Trump delegates to unbind delegates after the first ballot was rejected, and Donald Trump was officially nominated for president. Protests did occur, but they were largely peaceful.

Some notable speakers at the Republican Convention that day were: Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, who nominated Trump for president at the convention, Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa, Representative Ryan Zinke of Montana, and Melania Trump, wife of Donald Trump.

I especially liked both Rudy Giuliani’s speech and Melania Trump’s speech. Giuliani spoke of Trump as a friend, and Melania spoke of him as a husband. A plus was actually seeing Melania Trump, as she had remained in the shadows during the campaign until now. However, there was a plagiarism controversy, as Melania allegedly used Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic Convention in 2008. Trump’s campaign denied this, but later a Trump aide admitted to using Michelle Obama’s speech for Melania’s.

It wouldn’t be Trump if it occurred without controversy. I personally support Trump for president over Hilary Clinton, and that was also a major theme of the convention: most speakers stated that Trump is better than Clinton instead of promoting Trump’s ideas. This defines the 2016 US Presidential Election.