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The themes of the last two days of the 2016 Republican National Convention were “Make America First again” and “Make America One Again”.

There comes a time when every historical event is over, even though it has numerous consequences afterwards. The RNC ended on July 21, 2016, but not without a bang.

Donald Trump of New York and Mike Pence of Indiana are the nominees for President and Vice-President, and nothing can change that now. It has been a very controversial convention with division and (mostly peaceful) protest. Some notable Guest Speakers on the 20th were: Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin and a 2016 Republican primary candidate, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, also a primary candidate, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, primary candidate, Eric Trump, Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, and Mike Pence, the Vice-Presidential candidate. On the 21st, Ivanka Trump took the stage just before her father, Donald Trump.

There was, of course, controversy on the last days of the convention. Ted Cruz was invited to the stage, and refused to endorse Trump amid boos from the audience. This is a risky move that will compromise his position in the party. If Trump loses the  general election,  Cruz will stand out in 2020 for the next election. If Trump wins the general election, Cruz may soon be on the wrong side of Trump’s border wall, and those boos from the audience might be the opening sentence of his political obituary. Scott Walker, however, endorsed Trump, and Newt Gingrich interpreted Cruz’s speech of “vote your conscience”, explaining that would mean Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. Pence, until now in the very background, also gave a speech, so that was notable!

The next day, Donald Trump himself gave a speech to close the convention. I thought he did a great job, maybe not in unifying the party, but in promoting his own views and contrasting his against Hillary Clinton’s. This will definitely be a hard-fought and very divisive election that may either drift closer and closer towards “too close to call!” or towards a landslide.