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What is a famous quote? It is when a person says something, and it is recorded and constantly repeated, and a lot of people know about it.

If you have seen the T.V. series Once Upon A Time, you have heard the quotes “Evil Isn’t born, It’s made” and the biggie, “Magic Always comes with a price.” If you want to know about some more good quotes, see my other post on the subject.

My favorite quote is not particularly famous (and not even technically a quote), but I would like to help popularize it. It occurred during the Civil War battle of Chickamauga, on September 20, 1863. General Braxton Bragg, the leader of the Confederates, had created a brilliant trap for the Union general William Rosecrans, but he and his staff sprung it too soon, alerting the Union soldiers. Bragg had previously told his subordinate, general Leonidas Polk, to attack the Union position, and Bragg would attack as well as soon has he hears the sound of Polk’s attack. However, he heard nothing, so he sent a messenger to Polk, who was found to be comfortably breakfasting in a farmhouse. Pol replied, “Do tell general Bragg that my heart is overflowing with anxiety for the attack-overflowing with anxiety, sir.” Upon being told by the messenger about Polk’s words and position, the general swore “in a manner that would have powerfully assisted a mule team in getting up a mountain”. Sometimes a good “quote” is not actually the words spoken, but their summary. Bragg and his subordinates ended up losing the battle due to Union general William Thomas holding firm against the Confederates. If you want to learn more about Bragg, visit this post.

Well, you heard it. One of the best quotes of all time, in my opinion. Have a good day and night, and “don’t let the bedbugs bite!”