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We all knew it was going to happen eventually…

I am homeschooled, which makes school so much better for me because I can study my favorite subject more than the others, and I get to study my other topics with my mother, my favorite teacher! I also go to a group called Co-op, part of CFS (Christian Family Schools of Poway). This year I have Biology and High School Writing and Literature.

Summer was fun for me, and lasted a while. I went to Aquatica, a 50th wedding anniversary party (for my grand uncle and his wife), and had a great 4th of July party. It’s too bad we couldn’t go to Disneyland though. I also had time to work on my Eagle-Required merit badges for the rank Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts. As of today, however, school has officially started for me.

Summer is a great time to not just relax, but to work on things that need attention, like the house or a project. Not all people just have to go to school every Monday, but adults need to go to work. Summer is a time for you to spend with your family.