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BattleBots is one of my favorite T.V. shows. It is an American competition series.

BattleBots is a reality competition show and is all about robot combat. Men and Women build bots, and the goal is to win the Giant Nut, the trophy of BattleBots. It isn’t easy, and if you enter, your bot may be destroyed. It is just so fun to watch the robots fighting each other, and my family gathers around to watch every episode now! There are spinner bots, wedge bots, drum bots, and many other kinds. If the battle’s a tie, it goes to the judges. There is also a 250-pound weight limit, and many “hazards” in the bullet-proof Battle box, where the fighting occurs.


BattleBots Season 7 (or 2 for ABC)


BattleBots was first aired on August 30, 2000. I know, it’s been around a while, but it interestingly has not been continually going from that period to the present day. The original BattleBots was from 2000-2002 aired on Comedy Central, and BattleBots was originally an offshoot of the T.V. series Robot Wars. Initially successful, Comedy Central tired of the show and the perfection of robot combat, and the series ended after five seasons. However, it isn’t over till it’s over, and this show was not over. In 2015, the Disney-owned company ABC revived the series, making BattleBots one of the few shows to be rebooted. A seventh (or second) season aired in 2016, and I’m hoping for an eighth (or third) season in 2017!

Warning: Spoilers for the show follow.

BattleBots season six aired in 2015, and it was great for me to see the show for the first time. The first match of the season was Icewave vs. Razorback. Icewave and Bronco amazed me with their skills (Icewave a spinner bot, Bronco a flipper) and victories, but my favorite bot in the whole competition is Tombstone (a terrifying spinner bot). Icewave was defeated by Ghost Raptor, and Bronco was defeated by Tombstone. Tombstone’s famed kill-shot was its undoing, as its insides spilled out after the hit. Tombstone never fully recovered, and lost the championship to Bite Force, a grappling bot.

Season seven had more bots, and therefore more combat and more amazement! My early favorites were Tombstone, Bronco, Icewave, SOW (spinner), and Minotaur (drum). However, Icewave and SOW did not live up to their potential and were knocked out in the second round of the competition. Tombstone did, however. It felt like any bot going against Tombstone was chiseling its name on the list of bots that were completely destroyed by Tombstone. Bite Force was also defeated before the semi-finals. Eventually, Minotaur defeated Bronco, Tombstone won easily against Brutus (the fastest knockout in the tournament) but had some trouble with BETA and Yeti, and Bombshell (a Swiss-army bot, multiple use) defeated Poison Arrow. The most surprising upset was Bombshell defeating Minotaur and going against Tombstone in the finals. Tombstone won easily, taking home the Giant Nut, a victory a year in the making, and I was happy.

The seventh season ended on September 1st, and BattleBots has proven itself to be a wonderful show to watch, and one of my favorites. You should try it….