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Suspect Ahmed Khan Rahami

A terrible event occurred from September 17-19 this year: The New York and New Jersey Bombings.


On September 17 in Ocean County, New Jersey, a pipe bomb exploded, and two more were discovered. The race scheduled that morning was canceled.

That same day, a pressure cooker bomb with shrapnel exploded in Manhattan and left debris on West 23rd Street. Twenty-nine civilians were injured, most of them from debris. None were killed, but a second bomb with shrapnel was discovered a few hours later. It was discovered on West 27th street, and was safely exploded by control. On September 18th, homeless men discovered two bombs in a backpack in Elizabeth County, New Jersey. One bomb accidently went off and destroyed a robot tasked with disarming it.

Security footage showed Ahmed Khan Rahami in the bomb areas, and a manhunt was arranged. Rahmi was Islamic and had been born in Afghanistan. Rahmi shot three police officers and was wounded himself during a shootout with police. He is currently in custody.

The tragic incident is a reminder that terror seems to be everywhere, but we can’t let that get to us. Terror’s biggest weapon is fear. God tells us to love our neighbor as ourselves, and terror is an act of hate.