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Donald Trump

The first 2016 US Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump occurred Monday evening, and I was watching it.


Hillary Clinton


NBC’s Lester Holt moderated the debate, which focused on the Economy, particularly business, trade, and jobs. I think both candidates did well, Donald Trump using his expertise as a businessman and also pointing out a club he owns that is not discriminating towards blacks. Clinton belongs to one that is discriminating and I was surprised he didn’t bring that up at the debate. Clinton  appeared more calm and controlled and attacked Trump’s tax returns, while Trump went bold. This made the debate very interesting. I think Clinton is trying to appear presidential, but this came at a cost: Trump was the most prominent debater, and his angry side is a good motivator. I was surprised he mentioned his temperament, though. Lester Holt was more of a background moderator, and I think it worked.

I personally support Donald Trump for president, and I think he won the debate narrowly due to his prominence. Either side would make respective arguments for their candidates, and it was not a landslide victory. This is a very important election, and the tide can turn so fast.