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Who else was watching the Vice-presidential Debate last night? I could hardly watch it-and I love politics!

Governor Mike Pence

Senator Tim Kaine


The VP Debate was between (D) Tim Kaine of Virginia and (R) Mike Pence of Indiana. I had never heard of either candidate before this election process started. Even before the debates began there was controversy. The Republican National Convention (RNC) website  declared Pence the winner of the debate two hours before the debate actually started, and I paid more attention to each of the candidates’ performances.

Mike Pence won the debate in a landslide. Tim Kaine constantly interrupted Pence during Pence’s own time and appeared overly talkative, rash, and nervous. (And I thought Donald Trump was rash). Kaine is like a mini-Hillary Clinton, with the same opinions. He did not strike me as Presidential in any way, and he interrupted way more than Trump did in the last debate. Not a very good image. And when Pence talked about where he was on 9/11, Kaine interrupted only to say, “I was in Virginia”. Ok…. Mike Pence, however, started off by looking into the camera and thanking everyone present for their work. He knew where the real audience was. Pence appeared calm and in control while Kaine seemed rash by comparison. However, Pence was on the defensive most of the debate due to Kaine’s insults regarding Trump. Kaine was right, though: Pence seldom defended Trump. I think this was a wise move: Pence promoted his own agenda and showed his independence of Trump, unlike Kaine and Clinton. I think the most decisive moment of the Debate was when the conversation turned to religion. Religion is the most important thing to me, and Pence slammed Kaine for supporting the platform of his party regarding abortion rights and for killing an innocent person, even though Kaine says he’s Catholic.

The moderator, Elaine Quijano of CBS, did a bad job, too. She struggled with control over the debate, and it was biased. She interrupted Pence constantly before his time was up, and seldom reprimanded Kaine for his long interruptions. The Debate was heated alright.

The VP Debate was intense and a bit hard to watch, but I was with it until the end, and I was glad Pence distanced himself a bit from Trump while still supporting him. He is a good choice for Vice-President, and even President!