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The Battle of Quebec changed the history of North America, and was a very important engagement in the French and Indian War.

By 1759, The British had defeated the French at the Battle of Carillon and had taken Louisburg. this meant that the British troops could finally fight the French at Quebec, the capital of Canada. General James Wolfe led 7,000 British regulars, compared to French General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm’s 13,000 militia. Wolfe had ordered his men to charged their muskets with two musket balls in preparation for battle.

On September 13, 1759, battle began. The British troops fired their two bullets, frightening the French, who retreated from the plains. Wolfe, almost immediately after the fire order, was mortally shot in the chest twice. After hearing of the French’s retreat, he said “Now, God be praised, I will die in peace.” And so he did. Meanwhile, Montcalm was shot on his horse and died the following day. The British had won a great victory, and had conquered Quebec.

By the end of the War, The British had conquered Canada. I bet few thought that in just 15 years, the American Colonies would declare their independence, and even defeat the British empire that was in the making.