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Trump’s “Basket of Deplorables.” Clinton’s Email Scandal. Trump’s comments about Women. The 2016 US Presidential Election is certainty a major (and very controversial) election, but why vote? To some, it seems that there are no good or fit candidates for the highest office in the United States. However, it is extremely important to make your decision and vote by November 8th.

Why? I will give you two words: Supreme Court. People are not just voting for the next 4 years in the US, they are voting for the next 30. Justice Antonin Scalia died earlier this year, bringing the Court down to eight members. The Supreme Court is now divided 4-4, Liberals-Conservatives, and little can get done that way. The next president will appoint Scalia’s replacement, and therefore shift the balance of the extremely important Court one way or the other. Also, Justice Ginsburg is 83, and Justice Kennedy is 80. Few Supreme Court Justices nowadays die in office; many of them retire.



Hillary Clinton is 69, Trump is 70 years old. I’m not saying they will die in office, but their health is a major concern for the American people, brought to center focus when Clinton got pneumonia on the campaign trail. There is the possibility (as there always is) of the Vice-President having to step up. You are not only voting for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, you are voting for their running-mates, Mike Pence and Tim Kaine.

Some people who dislike both major candidates either don’t vote or vote for a third-party candidate (or they just vote for the candidate they hate the least). The major third-party candidate is Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party. I always thought of this party as the Liberal-Tarian party, because that’s what it is. It’s party platform supports many of the Democratic Party’s views , with few exceptions. It is pro-abortion, pro-gay rights, pro-legalization of drugs, and pro-open-immigration. Johnson’s Vice-Presidential Nominee is William Weld, former governor of Massachusetts. A lot of attention came to Johnson after he failed to name a foreign leader he admired, and did not know what Aleppo was.

I support Donald Trump and Mike Pence myself; I think they are better than Clinton-Kaine and Johnson-Weld. I supported Trump from the beginning of his campaign, and I’m not backing out now. Here’s another reason to vote: Recent polls indicate that the vote is getting closer and closer after more of Clinton’s Email scandal (she’s not the only Clinton to have made a major mistake that turned into a scandal). Now it is neck-and-neck in the border states, according to some polls. Donald Trump continues to urge his supporters to vote. He knows that polls can be misleading. I think this is one of the most interesting presidential elections to date, and one of the most controversial. As I said at a Toastmasters meeting yesterday, a vote for Trump is a vote for a better America, and a vote for Clinton is a vote for the Christian Rapture to occur sooner!

Voting is a privilege, and can be taken away. Exercise this privilege! We should all be thankful to the brave men & women who have served this country in our military which has enabled us to have freedoms such as this privilege to vote for the candidate who best represents our opinions. This election’s mostly about the candidates, but you should take a look at their political opinions as well. And whatever happens, know that God is in control.