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i-votedThe 2016 US Presidential Election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is over. It has been a long campaign for them to the finish line, and to many, a tough choice awaited.

In the primaries, Trump defeated his opponents to seize the Republican nomination, and Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination. This has been a very controversial election, to say the least. Neither candidate was perfect, and neither could escape from their controversies. Many people viewed Clinton as untrustworthy. However, there seemed to be a better chance of her winning the White House than there was for Trump for a time.

I predicted a year ago that Trump and Clinton would be nominated, and that Clinton would win the general election, because that’s the direction I thought America was going to go. My parents voted for Trump, and although too young to officially vote, I supported Trump myself. My mom was excited for Trump’s victory, and my dad was cautious. I thought the polls showed Clinton with a lead, and I thought that Trump’s path to victory was very slim. However, the election threw me a surprise!

I was watching the news and trying to guess every minute what was going to happen. Clinton’s momentum apparently wore off, possibly due to the recent developments in her Email Scandal, or the polls being very wrong. I soon knew that many battleground states would make the difference; Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida. Unlike the 2000 Presidential election, Florida was not the main state people watched for. It looked like it would come down to Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Florida, Arizona, Iowa, Ohio, and North Carolina went for Trump, while Maine, (excluding one electoral vote, which went to Trump) Virginia, New Hampshire, and Nevada went for Clinton. The election closed with Trump winning Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

This is truly a historic election! The battleground states that Trump won that secured his election swung over to him. Wisconsin has not been carried by a Republican since Ronald Reagan in 1984, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin since 1988, and Ohio, Iowa, and Florida since 2004. Trump has taken states that have been reliably Democratic in recent years, and he won the election because of it, dashing Clinton’s hopes of becoming the first woman president in the US. Trump is also the first Republican to have gotten an electoral vote from New England since 2004. Trump has won 306 electoral votes to Clinton’s 232. However, Clinton won the popular vote, making this the fifth time that the president-elect did not win the popular vote, and the fourth time that one has won without also winning his home state. The Republican establishment need not despair either; Republicans have maintained their majority in the House and the Senate as well.

As the 2016 US Presidential Election closes, know that your vote counts, and that our next president is Donald J. Trump! God is in control, and I hope that Trump will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!