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Yesterday Donald Trump and Barrack Obama met in the White House to help with the transition of the presidency, and some still can’t believe Trump is now the US President-Elect.

Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States without also winning the popular vote, which his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton won. Trump’s path to the presidency seemed very narrow, and the polls continued to predict a Clinton victory. However, Trump surprised the media and many others as he won Florida. As soon as Florida was called for him, I knew what the end result would be. Trump also carried Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, states that were not reliably Republican at the time.

Trump made many promises during his campaign, and his fiery willpower is probably what got him elected, as well as the fact that many Americans wanted a candidate for “change” that would reverse certain Democratic policies. This may not be just a seesaw between a Democrat President and a Republican one, as the Republicans also maintained a majority in the House and the Senate, and since Trump is expected to nominate a conservative Supreme Court Justice, Democrats are practically shut out of a majority in every branch of government.

The meeting at the White House must not have been an easy one for Obama, but it appeared calm, formal, and uncontroversial, much to the contrary to the Donald Trump we have been used to seeing.