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2016 has been a very eventful year, but like all years it will come to pass. Here are just some of the important events that occurred in 2016:

January 8: Drug Dealer Joaquin Guzman is recaptured following his escape from prison

March 22: A terrorist Bombing in Brussels kill at least 32 people

March 27: A suicide blast kills 75 with a militant Sunni Islam organization claiming responsibility. The targets were Christians celebrating Easter

April 2: At least 193 people die during border clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijani

April 13: At least 11.5 million classified documents, dubbed the Panama Papers, are released to the public

May 19: EgyptAir Flight 804 crashes. killing 66

June 23: The United Kingdom votes to leave the EU in a referendum, termed Brexit

July 14: In an Attack on Nice, 86 civilians are killed when a Tunisian-born French resident runs them over with a truck

August 5-21: Brazil hosts the 2016 Summer Olympics despite the impeachment scandal of president Dilma Rousseff

November 8: Donald Trump is elected the United State’s 45th president, defeating Hillary Clinton in a very controversial election

December 19: Andrei Karlov, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, is assassinated in Ankara

December 22: The Battle of Aleppo ends with the capture of that city

Much has happened this year. If I could sum it up in one world, I would say “chaos”. Hopefully, next year will be better and less controversial, and less lives will be taken in world conflicts.