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Happy New Year! As 2016 came to pass, 2017 now is an open door to new beginnings, and everyone hopes it will be a better year than the last.

My New Year’s resolutions are to not drink soda for another year, read the Bible more often, and to continue blogging. I’m already fulfilling all of them this year! Something else important happened today: the Rose Parade held in Pasadena, California, which I watched a part of before making this post (in other news, Governor Jerry Brown’s pet Corgi died…).

The Rose Parade was first held in 1890, and it is pretty spectacular today. One of the rules of the Rose Parade is to not parade on a Sunday, so that’s why the parade is held the day after the actual new year. The parade last year in 2016 had about 44 floats and 20 marching bands. Very ceremonious and grand! Millions of people watch the Rose Parade on television.

As 2017 begins (and so does Donald Trump’s presidency soon), all I will say is: Bring on the New Year!