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Yes, let’s talk politics. When anybody speaks that sentence nowadays, it seems like everyone in the room puts headphones on, as if they anticipate you raging one way or another. However, I have a very large interest in politics, and what happened recently is even more intriguing. I may be slightly biased during this post, but I need to make a point.

First, let’s get to the truth by putting the election in a different perspective. Liberals refer to many Republicans as having Wall Street connections. Exactly the opposite is true: Democrats are the ones that are the bosses behind the big cities. If the electoral college voted based on which candidate won the most counties in the states, Republicans would have dominated. If you look up the results by county for every U.S. presidential election, the only Democrat who would have been elected since 1944 would be Lyndon B. Johnson, and he would not have even won because he only became president due to Kennedy’s assassination, and Kennedy would have lost the 1960 election if it had been based on counties and not the popular vote. Therefore, Johnson would have never become president in the first place.

In the 2000 election, Al Gore almost became president, with 266 electoral votes, even though he only won 20 states (mostly tiny states in the Northeast) compared to Bush’s 30. However, county-wise, Bush would have won in a landslide! Gore would only have won a few small Northeastern states, and not even New York! In 2008, Obama would have lost to John McCain by carrying only California, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Iowa, and a few small Northeastern states. Same thing for 2012. And in 2016, Trump would have been the undisputed victor, winning New Mexico, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Illinois, New York, Maine, and New Hampshire in addition to his previous state victories. Trump won about 10 counties for every 1 for Hillary Clinton.

The question now is: If the Republicans dominated these election county-wise, how on earth did the Democrat’s few counties trounce the Republican’s so many times? Democrats have the big cities, and they have them overwhelmingly. New York City alone can give a popular vote victory in New York to the Democrats, and New York City has not gone Republican since 1924. So I’ll leave it up to you: Who, in fact, IS the party boss party? from my point of view, it’s the Democrats, who now have less legitimacy than the Republicans.

Also, Trump issued a controversial temporary immigration ban from several predominantly Islamic countries just days ago, and fired his acting Attorney General for disobeying his orders to enforce it. America got what it voted for, and this WAS a Trump campaign promise, yet America elected him anyway, so obviously it has some support. However, Liberals are crying up a storm. Conservatives have put up with Obama for 8 years without being violent and tearing apart friends and families. By comparison, Trump does one small thing  and liberals are ready for a Civil War! This has little difference from the war of 1861, when we were fighting to free the slaves. Now we are fighting to save the country, and I am on Jesus’s side. I believe it wrong to kill innocent, living babies, who did not have a chance in this world. I believe it to be treason to burn the American Flag in protest, and I believe it sinful to try to incite division. If you think my attack on the liberal side is too dramatic and harmful, you should see the liberals talking! I feel like no matter what I do, it is never enough, because I play fair. I have a reason to: I have peace because of Jesus Christ. What do the liberals have? I pray for all of them, and their decisions. Not all liberals break windshields, but I pray that those who don’t condemn these outrageous acts!

America, stop whining, everyone is sick of it! Violence is not the key, and violent acts and yelling at your family does not make your cause look any better! Conservatives took 8 years of Obama, and liberals can’t take two days of anybody else! Let us be reasonable, and let God decide. That is my reason to stay calm even when things are not going my way. I don’t block freeways and burn flags, I trust in the Lord, and anything that ever happened happened for a reason.