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Birthdays are very important, though many celebrate them differently. My Birthday was two days ago (I am now 15 years of age), and I had a wonderful time!

Birthdays have been around for a very long time, though in the Bible only one Birthday is mentioned: The Egyptian Pharaoh in Genesis 40:20. Even back then there were Birthday celebrations! Some people have parties with friends, others have a private celebration with family, while some don’t celebrate their Birthdays at all. I had the former two. I had a Marvelous birthday party with my friends, and then a family celebration where we went to some of my favorite restaurants, including Panera, Rubio’s, and Islands, plus a little dessert at Yogurtland. I opened up a few presents, and was very happy with the coins and Dorito bags I received!

Birthdays are a very specific time of the year that reflects the anniversary of someone’s Birth, and is a symbol of the individuality of that person. How do you celebrate your Birthday?