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Many people have family that can tell them where they came from: Europe, Asia, or Africa. However, many want to know more about their family, and go back farther than memory allows.

Records, though, do allow you to go back farther into your family history; you just need to know where to find out your ancestry. My family became members of Ancestry.com in 2005, but I first got interested in 2014. By then, our tree had almost a thousand members, and we had gone back to Scottish Royalty. Many people would be happy and satisfied with this cool knowledge, but there was more for me: I found out I was descended of royalty from all over Europe! I am mostly European, and I’m descended of English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, and Scandinavian Royalty, plus much more! Kings of fame such as Alfred the Great and Edward III of England, Olav II of Norway, Charles Martel, Hugh Capet and Philip III of France, and Charlemagne and Otto I of the Holy Roman Empire can be found on my family tree.

I am also descended of John Steele, the first Governor of Connecticut, and William Bradford, the Puritan leader of Plymouth Colony in America. I also have connections to Noah Webster of the Webster dictionary, and am related to Frank and Jessie James, plus Wilhelm II of Germany (the leader of the Axis Powers during World War I).

As far as ethnicity goes, I am mostly European on both sides of my family. On my dad’s side there is a bit of Native-American, Asian, and African, plus a bit of Muslim and Middle-Eastern with the Caliphs of Cordoba, who clashed weapons with my Dad’s Christian ancestors such as Charles Martel and El Cid. On my mom’s side, I was surprised to discover in a DNA test that I am part Ashkenazi Jewish! The Ashkenazi Jew population encompassed 92% of all Jews in 1931, and were the main Jewish target by Adolf Hitler during World War II in the Holocaust.

All of this is my family’s history, and where they came from. Just Imagine who your family could be descended from! Ancestry.com needs a bit of your family history to begin with, but it can take you very far if you work at it. Ancestry.com has been an exciting journey for me, and now my family tree has over 10,000 members! However, the website has one flaw; when you see your family’s profiles, you will realize that although their story has finally been discovered and their legacy once again told, they are not here on this earth anymore. I encourage you to talk to the family that you still have, and to treasure in your heart the stories that your grandparents told you.