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On my vacation to Washington, D.C. I visited the United States Capitol Building, the home of the legislative branch of the United States government.

Pierre Charles L’Enfant was charged with creating the basic plan for Washington D.C. and the Capitol Building. George Washington laid the cornerstone in of the Capitol Building 1793, though the House of Representatives wing was not completed until 1811. In the early days, the Capitol was also used as a Church, attended by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. The Capitol was burned by the British in 1814, and reconstruction proved a long and difficult process. The dome was finally reconstructed during the Civil War.

The Capitol Building features many historical paintings that most people have only seen in books, and I recommend visiting it sometime! The Capitol gives tours, and you may even see Congress in Session  (I saw the House of Representatives in Session, and saw Paul Ryan there).

Though the building may be magnificent all by itself, it is just a piece of an ever-growing nation now 241 years old.